April 26, 2024
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Place: LRADAC, 2711 Colonial Dr, Columbia, SC, 29203

SCAPT will be offering 2 sessions (3 hours each) presented by Kristie K. Opiola, PhD, LCMHC, RPT. A How to Guide to Use Expressive Modalities in Your Play Therapy Practice & More Powerful in Numbers: Group Play Therapy.

A How to Guide to Use Expressive Modalities in Your Play Therapy Practice

Play Therapist- client relationships are enhanced when play therapists incorporate experiential mediums in their clinical practice to foster self-awareness, creativity, playfulness, skill development, and integration. Expressive modalities offer children a chance to manipulate, explore, reflect, connect, and apply new perspectives, increasing their ability to create meaning and understanding in the therapeutic process. Because the use of expressive medium encourages clients to integrate left and right brain processes, incorporating creative/expressive activities in one’s play therapy practice offers additional benefit as a means for play therapists to gain a more holistic understanding of their clients and how to best support their clients. The presenter will offer practical guidelines including the process of choosing activities, when to use them, and how to process the experience with clients. Ethical considerations and potential challenges will be explored. The presenter will share a brief case example to illustrate the process and provide attendees with the opportunity to personally experience an activity that can readily be utilized in the counseling space. 

More Powerful in Numbers: Group Play Therapy

Child-centered group play therapy offers special challenges and rewards. The presence of another child combined with the presence of the counselor can provide children with unique opportunities for growth. However, even many experienced play therapists have not had opportunity to receive training in this specialized modality. Although participants will have an opportunity to quickly explore the “who and why” of group play therapy as well as specific ethical concerns, the bulk of the workshop will involve the “how”. Participants will receive training in child-centered group play therapy counseling skills, watch video-taped examples of the skills, and practice the skills with each other. Participants will discuss the unique challenges of providing a nondirective approach to group play therapy and learn ways to manage these issues. Participants will have the opportunity to watch presenters’ “bloopers” to learn from presenters’ experiences, to appreciate “perceived mistakes,” to reduce anxiety, and to discuss the power of “repair.” Participants will have the opportunity to participate in small group role-playing exercises, as well as small and large group discussions. Join us for this interactive workshop!